I'm an electronics engineer, with many years of experience in mixed signal, digital, small signal, analog and power electronics design. Also I have some knowledge in the area of signal processing and microcontrollers applications.

I have many hobbies, and my favorite hobby is audio. Hi-Fi/Hi-End amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal sources. Of course, D.I.Y. devices are totally different from 'production' devices, but I try to use all my knowledge and experience, I obtained from my main job, also to my hobby. That is why you can see ancient vacuum tubes next to microcontrollers and other modern components. As I like to use not only my brain but also my hands, I make all my devices from the start to finish. Cases, PCB or breadboards, speaker's cabinets - all from the schematic to the mechanical construction I like to do by myself.

After many years of hobby-work, I've decided to do some commertial activity, and run a commercial site: ALTOR AUDIO, you are welcome!

Alex Torres

    You can contact me:

    • E-Mail:     alex()
    • Skype:      altor62
    • ICQ:  11083325
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