Center Channel Speaker

Some years ago I made a simple center speaker:

It was enough for movies, but for the multi channel audio - not. I really feel this when I began to use SACD and DVD-Audio. So the new project was started.

The main goal was to get the same sound nature as the front speaker. Many authors claims that all channels should be equal, and THX standards also request this. But I m not 100% agree. I have heard many different 5.1 sound systems, for Home Cinema and also for Cimena+Music, and I never heard the back sound with the same quality, with the same frequency range as front. Another thing in the center channel.

Center is the mostly working channel in the movies, but usually for the dialogs, so you don t need the deep bass response - fronts plus subwoower will do the job. But, the nature of sound must to be equal with fronts, otherwise you will hear the difference in the sound stage.

As currently my front speakers are biamped MM with the LF stand it was clear that center channel should be built using the same drivers - Morel H6.1 woofer and Morel MDT-30 twitter. The 17L cabinet with 40Hz tuned port was build with 16 mm MDF with well bracing inside and moderate damping.

A lot of the center speakers uses d-Apolitto topology - two woofers around the tweeter. But not in this project - here the right driver on the photo is fake, it is not woofer, but..... this is a port!

The first idea was to make replaceable port construction, looking like the woofer with the same mounting screws, but finally - it is only decoration.

Crossover is 2-way 2nd order:



Here are some making process photo:

Finishing: sanding, priming,  painting and lacquer.

Doing some measurements.

Unfortunately, hard disk in my old laptop, I used for measurement, was corrupted and this speaker measurements result were lost. So I have to retest but when - I don t know....

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