6C33C Single End

Однотактный усилитель на 6С33С

Second version, Third version

This amplifier was described in the article (russian), published in the “RadioHobby” magazine, 1/2006.

Output transformers of the first version:

OTR_33_freq.GIF   OTR_33_phase.GIF   OTR_33_sat.GIF   SE33_OTR1.JPG  

First version implementation process:

IMG_0721.JPG   IMG_0736.JPG   IMG_0737.JPG   IMG_0743.JPG   IMG_0745.JPG

First version external view:

amp1.JPG   amp2.JPG   amp3.JPG

The first version was very nice, so another two versions were built soon. The main differences are:

  • two separate plate power supply transformers. One was too hot.
  • driver’s anode voltage was increased to 400v
  • output transformer’s primary winding  changes from 800 to 1200, secondary - from 107 to 130, each channel anode capacitors changed from 1mF to 2mF (wit the respect to Yury Makarov, aka “Wizard”)
  • microcontroller controlled “Nikitin” volume control and output VU-meters were implemented in the second version
  • The “Amplifier Control Module” with InfraRed Remote Control and soft-start was implemented in the third version.

Second version:


Third version:


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