ALTOR-ZEN (Hybrid)

Altor-Zen, or Altor-Pass - these names were given to this amplifier by friends of mine. The excellent designs of Nelson Pass - Zen, Zen2, Zen3, Penultimate Zen4 were the basis of this design.

Zen - it is not only the name of amplifier, this is also the name of the topology. Like Follower-99 from Andrea Chiufolli, both two topologies has no signal current through the power supply.

Single End (SE) MOSFET amplifier.  take Zen-3, made some changes and add the input stage. Instead of FET in the Zen4, I used tube input stage - ECC88 in the SRPP. 

On these photos you can see the internal and external view. Amplifier was built many years ago, and as I have other amplifiers, sometimes I connect Altor-Zen to my audio system and have a fan with its sound. At fists, amplifier has no volume control - only 2 trimmers ant the back side. As a volume control, a variable output of the CD-Player was used, but the relay based #nikitin# attenuator with volume knob at the front panel was added in a time.

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